Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 6-22-2021 at 8am Webster Hots


In attendance: 8 people.

Elena Bernardi - Bernardi & Co CPA, via phone from a nude beach in North Carolina, Kevin Finn – Finn’s Garage, Penny Swingly – Beyond Cuts, Matt Chatfield - WEDA [now totally legal for recreational purposes in New York State], Bill Mutschler - Webster Hots, Tom Spoonhower - Metro Sport Brokers Ret., Fritz Sierk - Coach, Karl Unrath – Kirby Vacuum of Webster.


Not attending: Tom McCoy [Has not yet returned from Air Guitar Camp]


Discussion opened about how gazebo ramp is rotting. Village workers seem unconcerned. Friday night concert is happening this Friday night featuring Tony Infantino from some local radio program.


Beer Garden is on Friday, July 30th and we will close West Main Street, even if we forget to ask permission to close the road. Movie “Elf” is on Tuesday, July 27th. Webster Fire Department may have a small parade on Thursday, July 28th on Main Street.


When White Christmas came up there was a discussion about how we are not supposed to use either the term “White” or “Christmas”.

We are unsure about who informed the BID that this was a problem, but whoever it was, they have no authority over us. It was determined by a short discussion that the “White” in “White Christmas” does not refer to white people, but instead to snow. It was also decided that without Christmas, we would not be having an event in December. The term “Christmas” is not meant to exclude anyone’s religion, but reflects the tradition that the event was born from.


Finally, there was a protracted discussion about e-mails. Elena told us that the new website was a pain in the #@$&^*%$#@ to use, so she has been using her own e-mail address to send out information to BID members.


Matt Chatfield told us of a grant application that was being made that would encompass the village north of route 104. Then Matt had to leave because he is finally graduating from fifth grade. We are so proud of him! Next year is middle school. We told him not to be afraid of the bigger kids, because they do not allow bullying, and some older boy will step in and protect him… as long as he doesn’t forget to bring his protection money.

Someone else was saying something important, but I was reaching for my second Tim Horton’s doughnut and did not catch it.

Inspired by the wine he was sipping, Kevin Finn wants to bring back Wine Walks. We figured that Saturday, August 21st and Saturday, October 16th were the best tentative dates.


We closed the meeting by hanging up on Kevin Finn.

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