Postponed .. New Date coming Soon!

The Bed Race is back!! Grab 4 friends or family members as runners and one “sleeper”(5 people total) and construct a bed to race an obstacle course on East Main St in the Village of Webster. Hosted by the Business Improvement District along with Webster Rotary, Webster Lions Club and Webster Kiwanis, this event is to help raise money for the Webster Community Chest. Merchants on Main St will also be celebrating with a Sidewalk Sale on the day of the event. The Junior event is for ages 14-19 years and will be run separately from the senior event.

Come out and advertise your business or organization or just include your family and friends
and have a great time in the village on Saturday September 16th.

2023 Webster Bed Race Official Rules

Postponed .. New Date coming Soon!

No Motorized Beds

Bed must be NO larger than a standard double bed

Wheels must be NO larger than 8”

5 Participants for each bed, 4 pushers and 1 sleeper
No one under the age of 14 on the team

Sleeper must wear some type of sleepwear during the race
Race will be run in heats of two beds with final elimination race

Obstacle course will have 1 challenge stop

Teams will be separated by age groups:

Ages 14-19 Cost: $25 ($5 per person).. enter here

Ages 20 and over Cost: $50 ($10 per person).. enter here

Other Bed race guidelines to consider:

Build your bed out of the lightest material you can that would

still support a sleeper.

Make sure you have enough space for the pushers to safely push

without banging into the bed as they are running

Consider enlisting family/friends or neighborhoods to help with

the construction and cost of the bed

You can also use this opportunity as a fundraiser to support your
favorite charity by asking people to pledge $$ in hopes that you
will win and create your bed around that charity’s initiative.

Most of all HAVE FUN and be creative
with your bed knowing you are helping
your local community food chest!


Deadline for entries 8/31/23


September 16, 2023 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (past)


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