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Monthly Meeting Minutes

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 5-22-2018 at 8am Corrective Chiropractic

In attendance: 10 people.

Bill Horeth-Kittelbergers, Marge Pickering Picone-Holistic Health Center, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Co CPA, Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Peter Elder-Elmer’s Garage/Grange/Harmony House/Super Friends/Scooby Doo.

Not attending: Tom McCoy [Busy representing the Lollypop Guild]

Robyn opened meeting with what she wants on her tombstone: “She schlepped her life away.”

Bid Election:

Bill Horeth asked about the status of the BID election. Karl U answered that he was one Class “A” vote 9building owner) short and was waiting for Peter E to arrive with his two Class “A’s”. Just then Peter arrived and confirmed he had both his Class “A’s” with him, so it was Karl U who dropped the ball. Robyn was able to “secure” the “permission” of another building owner (Martin Kaptein) as a Class “A” vote. As it turned out, incompetent stumblebum Karl U had another Class “A” ballot waiting in his e-mail, but had forgotten to check.

Whine Walks/Beer Walks/Bourbon Bash:

Wine Walks will be on Saturday, June 16th, and August 11th. The one lonely Beer Walk will be on Saturday, September 15th. The totally awesome Bourbon Bash will be on Saturday, November 10th, not on the 11th, Veterans Day. Oops!

Joe from Rock & Soul Fitness is in charge of Friday Night Concerts and nobody knows who he has booked. We already will be having the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra for our last concert since they were rained out last summer and this is a make-up date.

Katie Anne needs to know who has been booked to get that information on our numerous social media accounts (we have one).

Meeting schedule:

The August meeting will be at 8am at Holistic Health Center at 7 West Main Street. The October 9th meeting will be at Beyond Cuts at the place on Route 250 that has a sign reading: Beyond Cuts.

BID Election:

Through a miracle the BID election has enough votes to pass and is now complete. Do not look behind the curtain.

Bill H brought up the new road construction on North Avenue (Route 250). Concerns about how businesses will function with their driveways blocked were raised by Mike B. Mike expressed how the Village of Webster could not be relied on to inform the few businesses that are impacted by this. The planned island is too long and will prevent customers from turning left into the driveways of several businesses on Route 250 from either a north or south direction. Mike believed the Village should have made an extra effort to contact the handful of businesses on North Avenue and ask for their input concerning the island extending from the Route 104 overpass. Also he questions whether the Village will inform businesses if the power is to be cut off at any time. Mike has freezers full of ice cream cakes and would need advanced warning.

Financial Report:

Elena B reports that the BID is still solvent.

Question from Bill H: If we are not doing the Summer Program Guide are we going to distribute a schedule of events in the Penny Saver or Webster Herald? Should we put something in print? Fritz S suggested we print a poster of summer BID events sized 18” x 24”. Tom S asked who would distribute them. Consensus led by Katie Anne that if 10 people did 10 posters each it would get done. First we need to firm up dates for Friday Night Concerts.

Tom S asked if we have applied for road closing with the Village for Jazz Fest and Trick or Treat Trail.

General discussion ensued about sponsors of Movies in the Park who have not paid their promised amounts after being allowed to promote their businesses before the movie to a captive audience. We determined that they would have to pay their sponsorships before the movie night. Elena told us how Holiday Inn Express still owes us for a movie from last summer. They are so naughty. Hope Santa doesn’t find out!

Tom S reported that the website “Eventful” is a total disaster, but this is the only way to get an event or events reported in the newspaper. You can only post something that is vetted to see if it’s real.

Robyn suggested using “Event Bright”.

Mike B asked if the Town of Webster announces BID events the way the Village does?

Loan Program:

There is still $2,500 available to borrow.

Jazz Fest:

Mike B asked if we ever try to get sponsors for Jazz Fest. Tom S said that we looked into it. It is always possible to get someone. Wright-Wisner is promoting Friday’s Jazz in the Pubs, but will not give us money directly.

Bill H asked Elena B about her first WEDA meeting. She stated that she had a lot to learn.

Bill also told us that flower delivery is difficult this year due to shortages and we might not get flowers planted by Memorial Day.

Someone asked about crosswalk signs on Main Street. Why is the Village waiting to put them up?

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 4-24-2018 at 6pm Webster Hots

In attendance: 12 people.

Bill Horeth-Kittelbergers, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Co CPA, Penny Swingly-Papa Reggio’s, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Peter Elder-Elmer’s/Harmony House/Grange, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Darrell Byerts-Occasional Mayor of Village of Webster, Jude Lancy-Village Trustee, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood Barbeque, Bill Mutschler-Webster Hots, Gordon D. Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming.

Not attending: Tom McCoy [Barney the purple dinosaur is now on Me TV]

Bill Horeth is now chairman of the bored.

Wine Walks:

Wine Walks will take place on Saturday June 9th and Saturday August 11th. We have enough glasses for the first one so we do not need a sponsor.

Beer Walk:

Beer Walk will be on Saturday September 15th.

Bourbon Bash:

Bourbon Bash will be on Saturday November 11th. This will also be the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. It used to be known as Armistice Day, but is now known as Veterans Day.


Dr. Katie Anne will run the website along with Tom Spoonhower.

Bill H asked the question if Tom Spoonhower would continue to run Jazz Fest (He started it 10 years ago – this year is the 11th year) and if not, then someone should shadow him to learn how it is done.

Rock & Soul Fitness:

Joey of Rock & Soul Fitness will handle Friday Night Concerts from now on taking over from Robyn.

Bill brought up that we have not done the BID census. Mike Broikou suggested that we tap our data base for new people who would hopefully become more involved with the BID.

Elena will take the BID seat with WEDA from Robyn.


Bill has gotten the Okay from the Village and will meet Jake Swingly.

Bill asked about describing how to set-up Movie Nights.

Bill also asked about if Summer Program Guides should be started. He entertained the thought that $2,500 profit we make from them is not much return for so much work. We decided to explore just putting our schedule of events in the Penny Saver instead of doing the Summer Program Guides.

Bill also prepared a sheet with all the BID meeting dates and who will host them for 2018.

May 22 Corrective Chiropractic, June 26 Bernardi & Co CPA, July 24 Sweet Wood Barbecue, August 28 Nowhere, October 9 Nowhere, November 27 Nowhere.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 3-27-2018 at 8am Beyond Cuts

In attendance: 13 people.

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Co CPA, Joe Guadagnino-Roc & Soul Fitness, Penny Swingly, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Bill Horeth-Kittelbergers, Matt Chatfield-WEDA, Peter Elder-Elmer’s Garage/Harmony House/Grange, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood Barbecue, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Bill Mutschler-Webster Hots.

Not attending: Tom McCoy [Out of town for “Angry Elf” competition in Akron, OH].

Beer Walk:

Beer Walk will take place Saturday September 15th.

Movies in Park:

Movies will start on Tuesday’s July 17th, 24th, and 31st and will continue on August 7th, 14th, and 21st. We may need to buy a new screen. We will try to clean it first.

Meeting Schedule:

We will have meetings on Tuesday mornings or Tuesday nights.

Matt Chatfield:

He did not know that the Village of Webster won a grant for East Main Street. The Village has control over the grant.

Webster is in the running to be selected for a food processing company located in part of the former Xerox campus.

Kingfisher theater group did not get funding for a grant submitted for $12,000. They are looking for support from a state senator and/or corporate sponsorship; possibly next year. State funding grant cycle starts in May. Matt described in torturous detail about New York State Funding, but I could not write it down as I was fast asleep.

Matt’s vision for Kingfisher theater group is 5-6 performances in the gazebo. Matt asked about the sound and stage guy we use for the Jazz Fest with the idea of having the last play on Main Street.


Planters will be positioned on Main Street during the week before Memorial Day.


Wright-Wisner wants to become part of the Jazz Fest. They want to create a radio and print promotion (communal beer) for Jazz in the Pubs (their expense). They will pay for the promotion of the event.

Bellas Bumpas:

This is a new charity that we can donate Wine Walk, Beer Walk, and Bourbon Bash money to. We strive to stay as local as possible. Another possible charity is YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Association).

Dr. Katie Anne will be given administrator rights to our Facebook page.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 2-27-2018 at 8am Beyond Cuts

In attendance: 14 people.

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Bill Horeth-Kittlebergers, Jerry Christopher-State Farm, Bill St?t?-Webster Economic Development, Jude Lancy-Village Trustee, Matt Chatfield-WEDA [Dude, that will be so awesome when WEDA become legal in New York State for recreational use], Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Erin Rosenberry-Village Beat, Ric Thomann-Webster Interiors, Peter Elder-Grange/Harmony House/Elmer’s Garage, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Company CPA, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Spork Borkers, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic.

Not attending: Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies [Having seconds thoughts about “Star Wars on Ice” and needs alone time].


Matt Chatfield has been creating a database of the BID businesses. Also there are 50/50 grants available through New York State Council of the Arts: Arts and programs. Tom Spoonhower told us about a woman who runs a theater guild in Williamson. Robyn suggested tying it into Community Arts Day.

Matt also told us there are no new rentals on East Main Street. Jojo’s may open in May (get it?) in the former Prime Steak House.

Kittelbergers Event:

Bill announced that this coming August 9th will be Kittelbergers 90th anniversary.

Jazz Fest:

Will take place Friday, July 20th (Jazz in the Pubs) and Saturday, July 21st (Jazz in the Streets). We have 8 groups for Friday night and 9 places to put them in.

Friday Night Concerts:

Robyn needs someone to take over running Friday Night Concerts. The dates are: June 29th, July 27th, August 3rd, August 10th, and August 17th.

Meeting Schedule:

We will have three morning meetings for each evening one.

March Elections:

Will take place in March! Wow! Didn’t see that coming! Peter E and Karl U are supposed to be handling this [Talk about stumblebums and incompetents].

Katie Anne has volunteered to run our website and social media. Erin Rosenberry will help with press releases and publicity.

Movies in the Park:

Will start on Tuesday nights on July 10th, 17th, and 24th; and August 7th, 14th, and 21st.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Will take place on Saturday October 27th.

White Christmas:

Has been scheduled for Saturday December 1st.


Robyn has created a PDF with our requirements and will send it out to local colleges. Question from the floor: Are we maxed out on capacity for large Village events? Robyn believes that we are always open to new events, but who will do the event?

Summer Ad Book:

Tom S feels we need a different way to distribute them. Should we put them into the newspaper as an add-in? Or we could just forgo getting ads and just mail a calendar of events. Most agreed we should do the latter [Especially those who would have to go from business to business begging for ads and money].

Flowers on Main Street:

Bill H has ordered the flowers for the pots this spring. There was much praise for last year’s flowers.

Peter Elder:

“Peep Show” for charity [I would never joke about a “peep show”, especially one for charity. What kind of person would do that? If “peeping” is what it takes to get people to contribute to a worthy cause then why not?] posters are available from Peter Elder for a family friendly event in its third year that had 3,000 people attending last year.

General announcement: King Fisher Theater will be putting on “Much Ado About Nothing” [Which about sums up every BID event].

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 11-14-2017 at 8am R-Salon

In attendance: 16 people.

Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Dave Lincoln-Artecho, Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Rambo Leavitt-Beyond Cuts, Jerry Christopher-State Farm, Peter Elder-Harmony House/Grange/Elmer’s, Bill Horeth-Kittelberger’s, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Kristina Smith-Gioia Mia Catering, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Company CPA’s, Bill Mutschler-Webster Hots, Darrell Byerts-Village of Webster, Jude Lancy-Village of Webster, Laurie Zahn Herman-Webster Herald/Webster Printing, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies [He had to drag himself away from his beloved Hummel collection].

Scott Dennis told us all about Charlie Fitzsimons buildout of his space.

Robyn spoke about Bourbon Bash, but missed the details as I was busy petting Rambo and was distracted by his neediness.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Peter Elder spoke about how it was a big success (and it actually was). Closing the road was a good idea and we will do that in the future. We will consider changing the time from 11:30am until 2:00pm.

Robyn: In the future meeting will be mornings only as they seem the best attended. Once per quarter we will have an evening meeting/social event.

White Christmas:

Robyn did secure the horse wagon after threatening them with an overstuffed pillow, since last year they double booked us and we got the hoof. Tom McCoy actually had a good idea (totally confusing almost everyone at the meeting; only those asleep were not confused). Tenants should put out the cones provided by the Village in their own parking spaces on Main Street in the morning to make it easier to close the street. McCoy spent the rest of the meeting quietly rocking back and forth from excessive cranial use [find a happy place Tom].

Chili Contest:

Katie Ann has the sign-up sheet: Fantastic job last year.

Jude Lancy wants to put in for a “Carol Klem Day”. Carol is not well. This will happen on Tuesday night, 21 November at 7:30pm at the Village Meeting Room. All are encouraged to attend.

Financial Report:

Elena Bernardi presented. All is well. Nobody will be coming after the BID next year, so we can relax.

Various members remarked about how many positive comments concerning the flower planters were received throughout the summer and into the fall. Well done Bill Horeth.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 10-17-17 at 8am at Holistic Health Center

In attendance: 17 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Peter Elder-Elmer’s Auto Parts/Chorus of the Genesee/Grange/My Little Pony, Jennifer LaPorta-Webster Veterinary Clinic, Allie Greco-Village Bakery and Café, Marge Pickering Picone-Holistic Health Center/Hurricane Survivors Support Group, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum [How does that idiot make a living?], Jude Lancy-Village Trustee/Summer & Lydon Attorneys at Law, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Josie Tiberio-The Fountain of Joy, Thomas J. Spoonhower III-Metro Sport Brokers, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Sharon Pratt-Webster Museum, David Lincoln-Artecho, Scott Dennis-R Salon, Jerry Christopher-State Farm /International Kazoo performance artist.

Not attending: Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies [Stayed up late watching, ”Little House on the Prairie” reruns and arranging his Hummel collection.], Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming [Was up way too late at the American Legion bar playing pool and watching Monday Night Football, and showing off his beautiful new embroidered jacket.], Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections [still recovering].

Trick or Treat Trail:

Peter Elder goes first because he really has to go. Please sign up. Main Street will be closed on both ends.

Village Bakery and Café:

Before she spilled coffee over her neighbors and the floor, Allie Greco filled us in on the status of the new business to the Village. The bakery production facility has been open since Thursday 11-12-17 and has been delivering baked goods twice per day. The café will be open sometime in the spring.

Webster Veterinary Clinic:

Jennifer LaPorta updated us on how they are newly remodeled and are still located on North Avenue. She wants us to please bring our pets; even if they don’t necessarily belong to you. Actually they should really be either your pets or pets brought by permission of their owners. Anything else would be wrong.


Dave (actually at the meeting) and Sue (Sir not appearing at the meeting) have a new shop that remodels furniture and other artsy things. Dave is too shy and we had to beg him to say a few words about their business, but I was too busy eating a doughnut and didn’t catch all the details. Sorry.

Bourbon Bash:

Will happen on Saturday November 18th at the Harmony House and we will max ticket sales at 150. There will be a New Orleans style band. Paul at Webster Wine and Spirits will supply the alcohol. Scott Dennis has the idea to donate a $25 gift certificate from R Salon to give to each participant. Robyn also suggested a gift bag for businesses to put in all sorts of things. Robyn said there is a flier that is almost complete to be printed when Paul gets back from Reserve Duty with the Armed Forces.

Movies in the Park:

A discussion ensued about if the Movies in the Park were still relevant. Scott has received nothing but positive comments about the movies from his customers. Spoonhower suggested that businesses should do more to promote the movies. He related how ten years ago, what we were doing was unique and unusual, but now many villages and towns regularly show movies in the summer.

Another discussion was about whether we should restrict sponsorship to village businesses only or continue allowing any business in the town or village to be a sponsor. Most felt we should accept sponsorship from anyone willing to do so. Dave suggested we contact AMC to get first run movies. It was pointed out that although this is a good idea, if a movie is popular, we have no trouble getting people to show up.

The idea that we need to get the word out about the movies was suggested by Jennifer LaPorta, as her mom who lives in the Town of Webster had never heard of them. This September we had a big write-up in the Democrat & Chronicle about our showing of “Star Wars: Rouge One” and we had maybe about fifty people show up, well below what an average movie usually gets. Mike Broikou thought we should refocus on getting help with the popcorn, possibly from anyone who sponsors a particular movie that we give away for free thanks to Hegedorn’s. We decided to stay with six movies per summer concentrating on kids only movies on Tuesday nights. In case bad weather causes a cancellation in one or two movies, we can still show it the next year.

Friday Night Concerts:

Has this become tired and should we continue as in the past. Spoonhower suggested we could explore having fewer concerts allowing us to spend more money to attract better groups. Except for the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra our concerts seem to attract the same small crowd each season. There didn’t seem to be any consensus about if we should keep things the way they are or change it.

Loan Program:

Money is still available.

Robyn, who made sure we had coffee and doughnuts this morning (Thank you!) thought we should buy gift cards from Hegedorn’s to give away at the costume contest during Trick or Treat Trail. Everyone thought this was a good idea because of how supportive Hegedorn’s has been to the BID.

White Christmas:

Will be on Saturday, December 2nd 2017 and Robyn said almost all of the preparations have been made. We will have all the usual suspects: Wagon ride, Magic Guy, Fireman’s Parade of Lights, carolers, and strangers in the night. Katie will run the chili contest again this year; last year’s was very successful thanks to her. Reliant Credit Union will sponsor 100 billion kazoos (actually maybe 1,000) to give to children [Their parents will be thrilled with the BID] and to adults who have not yet made the full commitment towards adulthood [90% of Webster’s residents and 100% of the BID Board].

Before the meeting concluded, Scott Dennis of R Salon informed us that he had wanted to hold a grand re-opening after moving across the street in July, but had not yet had the time. However this Friday, on October 20th, he will have an open house at 5pm and all are invited. Scott said he will be naked, but perhaps that’s a metaphor.

Webster BID Meeting 9-11-17 at 6pm at the Coach

In attendance: 14 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Fritz Sierk-the Coach/house husband to Robyn, Steve Gallucci-Steve Gallucci [Secret] Agency, Peter Elder-Harmony House/Grange/Elmer’s Auto Parts/Any-Organization-That-Will-Allow-Him-To-Represent-Them, Inc., Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers/International Stone Masons Union, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Ric Thomann-Webster Interiors, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood Barbecue, Matt Chatfield-WEDA [WEDA: Soon to be legal in all 50 states], Elena Bernardi-Elena Bernardi CPA, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies [Attending completely by accident because meeting was at his home away from home-the Coach].

Not attending: Marge Pickering-Picone [Stuck in the Caribbean Sea due to Hurricane Irma] and Penny Swingly-still recovering.

Movies in the park:

Robyn asked Tom Spoonhower about Season Ten of Movies in the Park. Tom reported that attendance was flat for our trial of a Saturday night movie in September, even though the movie was “Star Wars: Rogue One” and was well promoted by the D&C. Unseasonably cold temperatures could have contributed to the low turnout. Tom McCoy very graciously dressed up as a Storm Trooper before the start of the movie and was a big hit. Over all, the best attended movies were the kid ones on Tuesday nights in July and August. The other two date night Saturday movies were not well attended, although “Casablanca” had about the same attendance as “Rogue One”. We may have to return to just kid movies on Tuesday nights in the future. Also there is an issue with our now 10 year old screen. There are long horizontal stripes across the screen that reflect the light from street lights and make it hard to see dark scenes. We will investigate replacing the screen. Bad weather [Bad Weather! You were Very Bad, Weather!!!!], forced the cancellation of “Big Friendly Giant”, but we will be able to make that up next summer as our licensing allows the showing of a movie once in a calendar year

Friday Night Concerts:

Attendance was good throughout the summer. Unfortunately a thunder storm forced the cancellation of one of the favorites: The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, but we will look forward to having them next summer.

Loan Program:

Money is still available. Moose and Rocco can’t wait to help you find your checkbook.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Peter Elder will be around to sign up business for our well attended October event. This year we will be closing Main Street on both East and West sides. Robyn will make sure to submit paperwork to secure those permissions.

White Christmas:

Preparations are well underway… Actually I have no idea. My cheap free sample mail order pen stopped working so I turned my attention towards eating the Coach’s excellent pizza and not really paying much attention to the discussion about White Christmas.

Pub Crawl/Beer Walk [Like a Wine Walk, but with less whining]:

Will take place this Saturday [Oh I woke up for this part]. Small beer glasses, paid for by Fritz Sierk, a sample of which was passed around for all to admire, looked good.

Bourbon Bash:

We are still looking for ideas about pairing foods and deserts to bourbons [Not the Royal House of France].

Webster BID Meeting 8-8-17 at 8am at Pub 235

In attendance: 16 people

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Marge Pickering Picone-Professional Nutritional Services, Bill Horeth-Kittlebergers, Steve Gallucci-Steve Gallucci Agency, Darrell Byerts-Village Mayor [first BID meeting as Mayor], Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Bill Mutschler-Webster Hots, Tom McCoy-Lack of Performance Hobbies, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Richard Walter-Village Person [Young man.. Da... Da…Ta... Ta... Da… Da…], Matt Chatfield-WEDA, Peter Elder-Harmony House/Grange/Elmer’s Glue/Island of Misfit Toys, Judy Lancy-Village Trustee

Bid Election:

Robyn asked for a report on the BID election from two months ago. Both Karl Unrath and Peter Elder were clueless.

Loan Program:

Money is still available.

Jazz Fest:

Spoonhower reported that it was a success on both nights. Friday night achieved what was hoped for last year but not realized was that people circulated throughout West Main Street, between the participating venues, creating a festive atmosphere that was missing last year. Saturday night have several thousand people attending throughout the evening.

Robyn called a break so we could stuff our faces with the wonder breakfast food provided for us by the people of Pub 235.

Wine Walk:

Elizabeth Doerner has been in charge of the Wine Walk and recently informed Robyn that she needs more wineries [Elizabeth gets a D for poor communication skills]. It will probably be too late to secure any at this late date, so Robyn informed participating businesses that they will have to purchase their own wine. Glass pickup is from 3:30 – 5pm. We have no idea how many tickets Family First has sold.

Pub Crawl:

Bill Horeth has shown us the glasses for the September 16th Pub Crawl. Fritz Sierk has generously offered to sponsor the glasses through the Coach. Bill has four businesses committed to the Pub Crawl. With the addition of the Coach, Barry’s, and Brimont there will be seven. R-Salon was also mentioned as well as Finn’s as possible. Marge texted Jessica at Barry’s and confirmed them. Modern technology is AWESOME!

Bourbon Bash:

November 18th is the date for the Bourbon Bash from 4-10pm. Webster Liquors is sponsoring the event.

White Christmas:

This will be our last event of the year. Spoonhower suggested that we purchase 500-1000 kazoo’s to give away. Robyn suggested Reliant Credit Union might be interested in sponsoring these. Parents all across Webster will thank us.

Trick or Treat Trail:

We will close both East and West Main Street this year.

Spoonhower made the suggestion that we give something away at the movie “Big Friendly Giant” to thank Hegedorn’s for their giving us ten years of popcorn for the kids during movie nights.

Tom McCoy was asked if he would be at “Rogue One” in full Star Wars regalia. He said he would if he could find people around his size to show up. Fritz and Tom traded insults about possible costumes until Jubba the Hut’s name was mentioned. Tom McCoy does actually have one of the largest Star Wars costume collections in Western New York, possibly even in the entire universe.

Webster BID Meeting 6-13-17 at 8am at Professional Nutritional Services

In attendance: 18 people.

Darrell Byerts-Webster Village, Bill Mutschler-Webster Hots, Elizabeth Doerner-Intern, Kevin Finn-Finns Garage, Peter Elder-Grange/Harmony House, Bill Horeth-Kittleberger’s, Daria Reitknecht- Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Carol Klem-Village Focus, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi & Company CPA’s, John Cogan Vantage Benefits Group, Katie Anne Corrective Chiropractic, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Christina LaDuca Costa-Healthy Glow, Josie Tiberio-The Fountain of Joy, Marge Pickering Picone-Professional Nutrition Services, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe.

Still very much missed is Penny Swingly.

Unable to attend because of Star Trek marathon on TV: Tom McCoy.

Friday night concerts:

They will start on Friday, June 30th at 7pm. We will have all sorts of musical variety this year.

Movies in the park:

This is now season 10 of “Movies in the Park” starring Tom Spoonhower as the MC.

Movies will start on Tuesday, July 11th at full dark. We are still looking for sponsors for two of the movies; one of which is “Rogue One”.

Wine Walk:

Whine Walk will take place on Saturday, August 12th followed by the movie “Casablanca”.

Jazz Fest:

Volunteers for Jazz Fest are needed. We will have to man a tent to sell CD’s intermittently and will need help with setup and tear down.

Bourbon Bash:Will take place in the Harmony House in November.

Summer Program Guide will be available tomorrow. Elizabeth Doerner will help with distribution.

Loan Program:Money is still available.

Gazebo Park:

Village of Webster did some improvements like curbing around trees, flower beds, and the Veterans Memorial. The Village is looking into sun sails to put over Main Street to provide shade near the stage during Jazz Fest.

Penny Swingly is home now. A benefit for her will take place on Saturday, August 5th in the Gazebo Park, or in the event of rain, at The Coach.

Daria wants the BID to know that the Penny Saver is still very much in business and that they appreciate the support of Webster.

Matt Chatfield and Bill Horeth discussed how to bring the BID to North Avenue. Tom Spoonhower suggested a write up that asks: “What is the BID?” A general discussion [General Discussion owes me money!] about how to get the word out about the BID, who we are and what we do, followed.

Matt Chatfield told us that R-Salon will complete the move across the street by July.

The Village Bakery demo is progressing. Potential office tenants with fifteen employees are looking at East Main Street.

Our hearts go out to Robyn Whitaker on her devastating loss.

Webster BID Meeting 5-15-17 at 6pm at Prime

In attendance: 11 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Elizabeth Doerner-Intern-at-large, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood BBQ, Janet Turner-GVPS, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Carol Klem-Webster Herald/Village Focus, Matt Chattfield-WEDA, Tom Spoonhower -Metro Sport Brokers, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming.

Still not able to attend, but wishing she was here: Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections.

Too “busy” [read too lazy] to attend because of Star Wars marathon on the Disney channel: Tom McCoy.


Recent college graduate Elizabeth Doerner had an internship in NYC fall through, so she joined the Webster BID as an intern at the last minute.

Planters/North Ave. Project:

Matt Chattfield: They are in final stages of design, then it will go to NYS DOT and Federal Government for approval, then the project will be opened to bids [not BID’s].

BID will pay for planting of flowers in planters. Kittlebergers will handle the flowers.

BID Census and Elections:

We are one board member short for a quarum, so the election is postponed until the June Meeting.

Movies in the park:

We are looking for sponsors: $300. Schutts is interested in sponsoring “Rouge One”.

Friday Night Concerts:

On June 15th and 16th we will have high school jazz at the gazebo. Claudia Hoyser (country music) will be appearing this summer and has been featured on “The Voice”.

Jazz Fest:

Spoonhower: Everything is ready for Friday and Saturday night. We will try to get lights on poles streaming out to both sides of Main Street. Group “Cabo Frio” will end concert on Saturday night. Robyn asked about food.

Pub Crawl/Wine Walk/Bourbon events:

On Saturday night, August 12th from 4-7pm, we will have a wine walk and then a movie: “Casablanca”. Eugene of Sweet Wood BBQ will sponsor the movie.

On Saturday night, September 16th, we will have a beer pub crawl. On Saturday night, November 18th, we will have a bourbon and food event at the Harmony House including a New Orleans style band.

East Main Street Project: Charlie Fitzsimmons.

Matt Chattfield: Bakery and creamery spaces are being gutted. There are store fronts available to rent on East Main Street. So far no tenants have signed on. Is the Tausch Building for sale? Nobody knows for sure.

Robyn asked for volunteers for Jazz Fest and to pop popcorn on movie nights.


Tom Spoonhower: Requests that the BID purchase “A” type sign boards for BID events.

Spoonhower: What if the BID bought 500-1,000 kazoos to give away for free?

He also thought we should close Main Street for Trick-or-Treat Trail. A general discussion followed with the unanimous conclusion we should in fact close Main Street for Trick-or-Treat Trail.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 4-10-16 at 6pm at Corrective Chiropractic

In attendance: 17 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Katherine Ann-Corrective Chiropractic, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum, Karl Laurer-Potential Village Trustee [and a “real” Karl], Janet Turner-GVPS, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor [He doesn’t get a badge] and potential Mayor, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming, Peter Elder-Grange/Harmony House, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Fritz Sierk-Coach and loving husband, Marge Pickering Picone-Professional Nutritional Services, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies [Finally finished dusting off his Star Wars figurine collection still in its original packaging and able to attend a BID meeting], Eugene Giordano and his wonderful wife-Sweet Wood BBQ, Thomas J. Spoonhower Esq. -Metro Sport Brokers, Matt Chatfield –Webster Economic Coalition Alliance, A.D.D., PBS, BLT.

Not able to attend, but missed very much: Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections.


Chair Robyn Whitaker has secured the services of an intern who is a graduate of Rolling Rock College [not at all associated with the beer Rolling Rock… at least we hope not]. Robyn hopes the intern will be a big help to the BID, after she’s done running Robyn’s errands, doing her laundry, washing her car, cleaning her house, and working for free at Robyn’s wonderful salon. Also Robyn hopes we will continue to be able to secure an intern in the future.


Peter Elder [with zero help from Karl Unrath] has printed a yellow ballot form that he handed out for people to vote. Two ballots were almost immediately returned via airmail. Also the ballot doubled as a questionnaire to gain information on businesses as to how long they have been in business and the square footage of their premises.

Jazz Fest:

Tom Spoonhower reports that everything is ready for the two day event on July 21 and 22. Cabo Frio, a Rochester Band who first recorded in 1982, will be the final band on Saturday, July 22nd.

Friday Night Concerts:

June 15th and 16th: On the 16th, a Saturday night, four high school groups will perform starting at 6pm. Regular Friday Night Concerts will start at 7pm and finish at 9pm.

Movies in the Park:

Tuesday, July 11th will be “Lego Batman”; Tuesday, July 25th will be “Secret Lives of Pets”; Saturday, July 29 will be “the Out of Towners”; Tuesday August 8th will be “Big Hero Six”; Saturday, August 12th will be “Casablanca”; Tuesday, August 22nd will be “Big Friendly Giant”; and finally on Saturday, September 9th will be “Star Wars Rouge One”.

Wine Walk:

Will be on August 12th at 6pm.

Pub Crawl:

Bill Horeth wants to run this. A general but boring discussion about alcohol permits ensued including: Fritz, Spoonhower, Robyn, and contributing nothing at all: Tom McCoy.

Bourbon Bash:

Scheduled for November 18th, it will be helped by the participation of Webster Wine & Spirits.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Peter Elder will be the organizer on Saturday, October 28th.

White Christmas:

Robyn will organize for Saturday, December 12th.

In an after the meeting, meeting, it was determined that the BID needed to have all adverts for our Summer Events Guide in by May 15th.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 8am Maplewood 2-14-17

In attendance: 14 people.

Robyn Whitaker-So Way Totally Beyond Cuts, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming [Rambo’s favorite place in the whole wide world], Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum of Webster [and almost useless vice-chair], Matt Chatfield-WEDA [pronounced: Weed Duh], Peter Elder-Harmony House [and sometime Village Idiot], Laurie Zahn Herman-Webster Living/Nothnagle, Erin Coffey-R Salon, Scott Dennis-R Salon [triumphantly returning after three years], Marge Pickering Picone-Holistic Health Center, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, John Cogan-Vantage Benefits Group, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage.

Not appearing because he was busy playing hiding the lightsaber [wink… wink…]: Tom McCoy.


Peter Elder and Karl Unrath will help oversee the BID elections.


Robyn wants the BID to do a census. Kevin Finn, Penny Swingly, and Karl Unrath volunteered to help accomplish this.

Movies in the park:

Movies have been chosen, but we still need two more sponsors.

Friday Night Concerts:

Two more bands are needed for the concert series. Does anyone know some local groups?

Loan Program:

$2,500 is still available to loan out. Applications are online at the BID website. The BID has $2,000 out on the streets, with both parties still making the Vig.

Jazz Fest:

Jazz Fest will take place Friday and Saturday, on July 21st and 22nd.

Friday night will be Jazz in the Pubs with the musical group costs split between the BID and the pubs. We may also have some music on the streets. Robyn asked Peter Elder if the Harmony House was available on Friday, July 21st. Peter promised to look into it.

Wine Walks:

Robyn wants to create a food pairing with each stop. Scott Dennis feels we should have 1-2 wine walks per year. Ric Toman liked the food pairing idea. Robyn poled the meeting and we decided to have one regular wine walk and another one with food pairing.

Craft Beer/Wine/Bourbon events:

We are thinking of having a Craft Beer event in mid-August when Village Days used to be. Robyn wants a blow-up kangaroo as a theme joke, because a real kangaroo was once spotted in West Webster. Fritz Sierk admitted to having an inflatable kangaroo at home, but would not explain further [nudge… nudge… wink… wink…]. We decided on Saturday, August 12th as Craft Beer Fest Day.

Bourbon event: We are considering using the Harmony House (wake up Peter!) for a possible Fall [down] event; maybe in early November?

Note from Penny Swingly: There will be a spaghetti dinner at the Fireman’s Exempt Building on Saturday, March 11th from 3-7pm, benefiting Relay For Life team “Village Idiots”. All idiots are welcome.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Trick or Treat Trail will be on Saturday, October 28th from 11:30am to 3pm.

Robyn reminded that the BID donates $2,500 per year to the Village of Webster for the planters on Main Street. Hopefully they will be better placed than last year.

Scott Dennis gave us an update on the future of East Main Street. Scott will be moving the crazy popular R Salon across the street at 26 and 28 East Main Street, and expanding it into a two story full spa experience, and possibly with a yoga studio in the basement. Scott told us to expect a May 1st opening day for R Salon. Charlie Fitsimmons, who is acting as property manager for the bank owners, and who has an option to buy the East Main Street properties, will be building a commissary bakery in the building behind the North East Quadrant (Formerly Rubino’s and OTB) that will also be opening on May 1st. Charlie wants to use locally sourced organic food for the bakery. He also wants to connect the “backside” of East Main Street to East Main Street [he said: “backside”], and wants “Prime” to stay. Moving out of East Main Street will be the Penny Saver, the Train Guy, and Number One Chinese Restaurant.

Webster BID Meeting 11-15-16

In attendance: 14 people.

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Thomas J. Spoonhower-Metro Spork Borkers, Janet Turner-Penny Saver, Penny Saver Swingly-Mane Reflections, Peter Elder-Harmony House/Grange, Katie Anne-Corrective Chiropractic, Marge Pickering-Picone-Holistic Health Center, Ric Thoman-Webster Interiors, Matt Chatfield-WEDA [doesn’t sound at all sinister], Pat Lydon-Attorney [we missed you Pat], Laurie Zahn Herman-Webster Herald/Webster Living Magazine, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage [too nice to make fun of], Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Karla Cannarozzo-Chris and Rods.

Not appearing because of the joyful distractions of his Star Wars figurine collection-Tom McCoy.

White Christmas:

Will take place on Saturday, December 3rd. There will be a breakfast at the Harmony House with Santa [Santa… Santa… Santa…]. There will not be a magic guy this year and the parade is at 6:30pm.

Chili cook off will be inside stores with a short time window of 3:30 to 5:30 pm. People will vote by donating $1.00 with the most money donated as the winner.

BID Christmas Party:

It will be at Webster Interiors on the second Monday of January.

Year End Summary:

There was no Village Days. Wine Walks will start in early June. Next year we will try wine and food pairings. We will also try a beer walk paired with food also.

Proposed event calendar 2017: Jazz Fest will be on Friday and Saturday, 21 and 22 July. A New calendar will be printed.

Election Nominations:

The Webster BID needs new faces on the Board. Robyn Whitaker and Karl Unrath [nobody will notice him being gone] will not be running again.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 6pm Vino Lounge 10-3-16

In attendance: 22 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, David Piergiaconi-Mac & Cheese, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood Barbecue, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Pat Lydon-Sutter, Summers, & Lydon, P.C., Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Elena Bernardi-Bernard CPA, Tracy Maltzahn-Mane Reflections, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Susan Finn-Finn’s Garage, Jude Lancy-Village Trustee, Peter Elder-Harmony House, Janet Turner-GVPS, Toy De Rollet-GVPS, Carol Klem-Village Focus, Ric Thoman-Webster Interiors, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Kathryn Warren-Family First, Maria Vanni-Mac & Cheese, Matt Chatfield-WEDA.

Wine Walk:

Last wine walk of year is on Saturday, 22 Oct from 4pm – 7pm. We will donate $1,000 to Webster Comfort Care for 13 years. Mac & Cheese is glass pickup. Please show your spirit team shirt. Reliant Credit Union is the sponsor and wine basket maybe can drive – Community Chest for food – no music.

In the future we will have maybe only two wine walks; one in June and the other in fall. Merchants will pay $100 for the wineries.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Please sign up. Put an orange pumpkin sign in your window. Costume judging for kids at noon to 3pm. Donations wanted for prizes. Please notify BID before 21st of October.

Loan Program:

$1,000 is still available – will be back in.

White Christmas:

Will take place on Saturday, December 3rd from 3pm to 6pm. Parade is at 6:30pm. We are trying to get Dukes Doughnuts or maybe Mac & Cheese for cookie decorating. Hegedorn’s supplies the cookies and frosting. The Harmony House will have school choirs and is open to more events.


Kittlebergers filled them on a Sunday. $2,500 allotted from BID for each season. Nice grouping.

Party in Park:

It rained and we lost power, but it worked out.

Buy A Lady A Drink:

Out of 350 glasses, we have only 14 left and are going on Facebook.

Special Guest Star:

Pat Lydon is having a workshop on estate planning at the Chamber of Commerce on the 12th and 20th of October. The time of day these workshops take place was not noted.

Paint Colors In The Village: 18 different colors – make more invitable (is that even a word?) – not Pepto Bismol pink – blend colors – make complimentary – warm inviting colors. Reps need to go to Village Board about slum houses in the Village – out of code.

Chalk Walk:

This could possibly be an event on its own to kick off summer or paint the crosswalks?

Robyn says we’re done.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 8 am Webster Hots 8-9-1962

In attendance: 19 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts (with 54 reasons to make an appointment), Karl Unrath- Kirby, Donato Manzler & Nick Campagno-Webster Hots, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers & Pub 235 & Other Numerous BID Properties, Mike Broikou, Peter Elder-Village Person, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Jerry Christopher-Webster Penny Saver, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Janet Turner & Tom De Roller-Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Rebecca Weaver & Sage Keber-Harmony House, Ric Taman-Webster Interiors, Laurie Zahn Herman-Empire State Weeklies, Marge-Nutrition, Eugene Giordano-Sweet Wood Barbecue (Showed up just as meeting ended as he had the wrong time).

Members that were away sailing and couldn’t be bothered to attend: Tom McCoy.

Jazz Fest:

Jazz Fest went well. There was a lot of positive feedback. Many liked walking around to various musical groups on that Friday night. There were few complaints. The free keg of beer provided to us by Stella Artois raised $600 to be donated to a good cause, to be determined.

Buy a Lady a Drink:

Was successful on Friday night, but we sold less on Saturday night due to the crowds. We will continue to offer glasses for sale during wine walks, movies in the park, and Friday night concerts.

Wine Walk:

Party in the Park:

Wine Walk costs $15 and starts at 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 13th. Glasses will be picked up and Stella Artois glasses will be for sale at Kittlebergers at 3:30 pm. Wine Walk will benefit Webster Comfort Care.

On the same day at 4:00-6:00 pm, and then 6:15–8:15 pm, will be two bands in the Veterans Park sponsored by the Webster Chamber of Commerce. The second band will be a steel drums group called, “Burnt Cane.”

Then from 6:00 – 8:00 pm the Webster Rotary will host a chicken BBQ at the per plate cost of $12.

Finally, there will be a date night movie, “The Out Of Towners,” at full dark.


Election committee: Mike Broikou-A (chair), Karl Unrath-A, Robyn Whitaker-A, Bill Horath-A, Elena Bernardi-A, Penny Swingly-B, Tom Spoonhower-B, Janet Turner-B, and Peter Elder-consultant. Ten Class “A” and five Classes “B” participated in the election.

Voted in by show of hands by everyone in attendance, and by three write-in ballots of Dave Cook, Kevin Finn, & Joe Reggio; Bill Horath and Greg Cody were elected to a three year term of Class “A”.

Voted in by show of hands by everyone in attendance, and by three write-in ballots of Dave Cook, Kevin Finn, & Joe Reggio; Penny Swingly was elected to a three year term of Class “B”.


The last movie, “Pan”, will be on Tuesday night on August 23rd.’


The last concert will be on Friday, August 12th at 7:00 pm featuring John Bucci’s band.

Bill Horath reported that the thirty-five planters the BID purchased on behalf of the Village of Webster are here and will be installed sometime soon on a Sunday, and that the color chosen is much better than the original.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 6 pm Brimont Bistro 7-11-16

In attendance: 16 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Peter Elder-Joe Guenta, Darrell Byerts-Webster Village, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Marge Pickering-Picone-Holistic Health Center, Nick Campagno & Donato Manzler-Webster Hots, Janet Turner-Penny Saver, Ric Thomann-Webster Interiors, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Kevin Finn-Finns Garage, Laurie Zahn Herman-Empire State Weeklies, Thomas McCoy-Lack of Performance Hobbies Toy Store, Gordon Clarke-Gordons Grooming and Webster Village.

Wine Walk:

Wine walk starts from 3:30pm to 5:30pm for glasses to be picked up. $1,000 will be donated to Christopher’s Challenge for bone marrow transplants.

Planters and benches:

$15,000 has been allocated to purchase planter to be donated to the Village.

Jazz Fest:

All musical groups have been booked and there will be five food vendors on the street. Friday night will have seven groups around Main Street and Saturday night will feature five groups on stage. Everything is on the BID website.

Loan Program:

There is up to $5,000 available to borrow.

Summer Events/party in the park:

Saturday, August 13th are two groups booked with on being jazz and the other Latin music. The event starts from 4-6pm, then from 6:15-8:15pm, followed by a movie at full dark (9pm?).


Popcorn poppers are needed.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 8am Pub 235 6-14-16

In attendance: 21 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Way Totally Beyond Cuts, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Janet Turner-Penny Saver, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers and Pub 235, Peter Elder-Joe Gunta, Carol Klem-Bon Vivant, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Richard Walter-Village Person, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming People Now, Fritz (Shrek) Sierk-Coach, Ric Taman-Webster Interiors, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sport Brokers, Marge Pickering Picone-Holistic Health Center, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies Toy Store for Nerdy Adults, Matt Chatfield-WEDA (otherwise known as the Alliance, formerly WCCD, formerly Common Market, formerly Warsaw Pact), Maria Vanni-Original Mac & Cheese, Laurie Zahn Hermann-Galactic Empire State Weeklies, Nick Campagno & Donato Manzler-Webster Hots.

Wine Walk:

Robyn said there was low attendance of 169. Someone noted that it was a busy weekend with graduation, etc. going on, along with a bad weather report. Most were new attendees. Robyn will use Survey Monkey to poll those who attended as she has a complete e-mail list. Past complaints were cheap wine. There were equal number of businesses on East and West Main Street this time (Five each).

Next two sponsors will be Family First Credit Union for August 13th and Reliant Credit Union for the October 22nd Wine Walk. McCoy said he got a better wine this time (finally) and got rave reviews from the people who came to his store. McCoy also stated that nothing came through on Facebook about the event. There was a general discussion, with people talking over each other about new settings on Facebook for business pages involving alcohol. Ric suggested we should pay for Boost (not an energy drink) which will ensure (not the fiber drink) events get re-posted. Spoonhower asked if attendance is better on Friday nights than Saturday’s.

Friday Night Concerts:

Robyn asked if someone would introduce band on Friday night. Marge volunteered to intro and pay band on Friday, 24th June.

July 8th has a charity BBQ benefitting St. Paul’s Church.

Jazz Fest:

Spoonhower said Laurie has been helping with “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign. Glasses may be available for each place with music on Friday night. M&T Bank will provide money for banner costing $250 to help promote this. Spoonhower has ordered 250 glasses for the BID and 100 additional for himself. Website is up and lists where all groups are playing on Friday night. Friday is called Jazz in the Pub and Saturday is called Jazz in the Street. Advertising is ongoing on the radio and will be in D&C Weekend Magazine and City Magazine the week before. Bill asked if we were giving a free beer along with the purchase of a glass. Spoonhower said that would be too confusing.

Robyn told us about a Village Garden Tour on July 9th which will include an 18th Century Tea, benefiting the Webster Museum and held at the Harmony House.

On Tuesday, August 13th there will be music in the Park.

Movies in the Park:

Movie times and dates are on BID website. Need sponsors for Saturday Night ADULT Movies.

Trick or Treat Trail and White Christmas are October 29th and December 3rd.

Year End Party is on December 5th.

Robyn said there will be a D&C article about BID events.

Bill reported from financial committee about BID support of North Avenue Project putting planters on Main Street. BID will pay for these planters and the Village will install and store them in winter. Matt said Village will plant 17 new trees on Main Street.

Next meeting will be at Brimont Bistro on Monday 11 July at 6pm.

Loan Program: There is no activity.

On Saturday, June 25th, Webster Hots will have a grand re-opening with music from 5pm until?

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 6pm Prime Steakhouse 5-9-16

In attendance: 17 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Dan Manzler-Webster Hots, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny Loafer, Laurie Zahn Herman-Webster Living/Empire States Weeklies, Chuck Dyment Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Matt Chatfield-The Alliance of Elves and Men, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Joan Warren-Vino Lounge, Tom Higgins-Vino Lounge, Katie Ann-KA Corrective Chiropractic, Marge Pickering Picone-Professional Nutritional Services, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports, Karla Cannarozzo-Chris and Rods, Gordon Clarke-Gordons Grooming.

Not in attendance:

Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies (Too busy playing with toys).

Robyn started meeting with a show and tell about a tri-fold from Victor with a map of businesses and activities around that area that was paid for by East View Mall. Short discussion followed as to should we try to print out some kind of similar guide for the Village.

Wine Walk:

Some difficulties arose such as some people showed up late to pick up their glasses at Kittleberger’s. 230 people participated.

Planters and Benches:

We will put plants and flowers into the planters the Village will be putting on Main Street. Someone brought up the banners that used to hang around the Village. Janet Turner said she was talking about banners with Mayor Cahill that would be better and cheaper for businesses.

Jazz Fest:

Spoonhower got an immediate response, especially from the women at the meeting, mentioning the “Buy a lady a Drink” campaign with Stella Artois and, having spoken to Matt Damon’s personal assistant several times about Matt making an appearance at Jazz Fest (dream on ladies), and the BID buying several hundred glasses, at $13 per glass, and then making them available for the same price at the event, to help women around the world get five years of clean drinking water. Someone asked how far ahead do we need to order the glasses. Spoonhower said only a few days.

Friday night seven small musical groups will perform at various locations on Main Street including Harmony House starting at 6:30pm and ending with Paradigm Shift at the Coach. List of bands is on the BID website.

Loan Program:

There is nothing new to report.

Summer Events:

Robyn states that Movies in the Park will start on Tuesday, July 12th. All Tuesday night movies, four in total, are sponsored. The two Saturday night ADULT movies are not sponsored yet at this time. All movies to be featured this summer are on the BID website.

Friday Night Concerts will begin on Friday (what a surprise!) night, June 24th at 7:00pm. They will not take place during the two middle weeks of July between the Fireman’s Parade and the Jazz Fest.

Ad Program:

Robyn asked those attending the meeting to please pick up forms for their own businesses and their neighbors, to get the ad program underway, so we can get booklets printed before the summer events start.

Special Presentation:

Matt Chatfield started with how Village of Webster was recognized as one of the top 50 small communities in the country, and then he led a discussion/workshop beginning with the question:

How can we make Webster a better place to do business in and to live in? He identified six goal areas. The Village core is seen as the hub of the town.

Question: What is our identity?

A discussion followed about how the Village is perceived. There are good demographics in the Town, but the Village is seen as a place that is closed for business, as there does not seem to be consistent or regular hours between the various businesses on Main Street. Village is seen as a safe place to live and work in. There is a lack of a reason for Town residents to visit Village. Spoonhower brought up how many Town residents, some even being his neighbors, who have never set foot in the Village, in spite of having lived in the Town for decades. Village is not seen as the core of the Town. There is a lack of awareness as to what the Village has to offer. Those who come to Village are there for a specific purpose, making a single visit to a specialty store, restaurant or bar, not to explore the Village in general. Many small businesses start up, but experience a high failure rate, leading to high turnover in the renting of store fronts. Village is seen as old and historical, but also as run down.

How do potential investors perceive the Village?

They desire urban development and living. Village has value with good access to many necessary businesses such as Wegmans or Walgreens, and is a compact community. There is sometimes confusion between the Village and the Town, where both are seen as one entity by those from outside of either (identity confusion). There is a lack of a “natural” destination, such as a canal, or other natural or manmade feature to attract visitors. There is also a lack of consistency in business hours among the various businesses on Main Street.

How do we want to be perceived?

What is our identity? Surveys have identified arts, cultural events, and entertainment as key features to attract visitors. BID already supports concerts, movies, and a Jazz Fest. There is also a community arts fest and a theater guild. Question was asked if it was possible to combine with other organizations such as the Webster Chamber of Commerce. Robyn asked who would do this, pointing out that often times these ideas pop up, but few to none want to commit the time. There is a distinct lack of participation among BID members. Spoonhower brought up how on the BID website a volunteer page was once added, asking that BID members volunteer for only three hours per YEAR, for the event of their choice, and only a handful of people actually bothered to sign up.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 8:00am Barry’s 4-5-16

In attendance: 16 people.

Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Gordon Clarke-Gordon's Grooming. Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports, Ric Tomann-[????], Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Lori Herman-Webster Weeklies, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Marge & Glen-Professional Nutrition, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Matt Chatfield-WCCD. 16 total.

Movies in the park:

There will still be six. We will schedule a rain date for late August to put on website. $300 sponsorship will remain. BID will pick all movies.

Jazz Fest:

Total cost will be $9,384. Our sponsors will be Frontier. Total budget is $10,500. Spoonhower eliminated one expensive band and will put small groups into restaurants and pubs on Friday night along with normal Friday night concert group going into Harmony House. We are looking for additional power from Village so we won’t have to rent a generator. Covered stage costs $5,000.

Friday Night Concerts:

High school students want to play in the Village, maybe in the winter. We will survey students to find which bands they like. We are considering a teen concert at Harmony House featuring Rap Music.

Village Days:

RIP. Good bye funny man.

Wine Walk:

Robyn had a long talk with a wine vendor. More wineries would participate if we paid a stipend of $100. A general discussion followed about having too many stops. Is the event too long? Are there too many per year? Bill Horath thinks 3-4 times per year with about 12 stops would be sufficient. Mike Broikou thinks 8 stops would be better. The current charge is now $15. Should we explore more wineries? Tom Spoonhower suggested we get a deposit from the wineries to make sure they actually show up. We agreed to have four per year.


We should find a useful way to spend extra BID money generated by Wine Walks. Tom Spoonhower mentioned possibility of creating Wi Fi for Main Street.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 6pm 3-7-16 Mac & Cheese

In attendance: 11 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Gordon Clarke-Gordons grooming, John Cahill-Village Mayor, Penny Swingly-Vain Reflections, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Marge P. Picone-Professional Nutrition Services, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee, Kevin Finn-Finns Garage, Thomas Jay Spoonhower III-Metro Sports.

Jazz Fest:

There will be a pubs and restaurants meeting for participation in the Friday night event.

We will be moving the usual Friday Night Concert group from the gazebo into Harmony House from 6:30-8:30pm.

Saturday afternoon we will close Main Street to all traffic and we mean it this year. Tractor trailers full of brand new cars will not be allowed to drive through our barriers and get ticketed by alert Webster Police Officers.

Stella Artois, along with (an organization co-founded by Matt Damon), has a promotion going called “Buy a Lady a Drink” where if you buy one of their glasses, they will supple a woman with five years of drinking water. We will be purchasing a number of these glasses to sell during Jazz Fest.

On the main stage the following groups will be appearing: H.S. group, H.S. alumni group, William Highsmith Jr., Walter Chapman, and Prime Time Funk.

Robyn wants businesses to send her a few sentences about their businesses to put up on the BID website.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 2-9-16

In attendance: 17 people.

Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Heather Stokes-Stokes Acupuncture, Matt Chatfield-WCCD, Bill Horath-Kittleberger’s, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee, Ric Tomann-[?????], Fritz Baby-Coach, Richard Walter-Village Person, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports, Laurie Zahn Herman-Webster Living, Barry Howard-Webster Chamber of Horrors.

Wine Walk:

Robyn determined that wineries do not participate because of staffing and the cost of wine. Question: Should we give them $100 to attract them. They do not sell much wine at our walks. Discussion about who should pay: the merchants or the BID. We will have four wine walks per year, taking place on Saturday nights from 4pm to 7pm, and we decided to let merchants pay.

Group Advertising:

T. Spoons received offers of group advertising. We could contract adverts at low rates and have additional tags at the end of the advert. Constant repetitive adverts would be the goal. Discussion ensued about which media, radio or TV is best to advert with. McCoy thinks TV adverts are better as he has experienced great success with this form. Spoonhower wants to determine interest in this. Robyn will send BID wide survey via Survey Monkey to feel members out. She will also mail out cards.

Jazz Fest:

Event will expand to two days, starting with the Friday night concert moving to Harmony house, then several restaurants will have small groups playing at staggered times throughout Friday night. Saturday will be as usual.

Summer Events:

Movies in the park will feature six movies, but there will only be four Tuesday night children’s movies, and two Saturday night adult movies with dates to be determined.

Ad Program:

We will start early this year so as to avoid a last minute scramble.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 9-14-15

In attendance: 15 people at Salvatore’s.

Robyn Whitaker-Way Beyond Cuts, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Taryn Mullen-The Wolf Foundation/CDS Monarch, Kathryn Willison-Family First FCU, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, John Cahill-Village Mayor, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Chad Curtis-Warrior Salute, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming Himself Finally, Tom Higgins-Vino Lounge, Steve Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports.

Check of $1,500 was presented to Warrior Salute by Robyn Whitaker and accepted by Chad Curtis and Taryn Mullen from the last wine walk.

Wine Walk:

Next wine walk will take place on November 6th from 6-9pm.

Beer Fest:

Event has been cancelled because breweries wanted $125 per ½ barrel of craft beer. BID might be able to have something between now and Christmas or in February.

Trick or Treat Trail:

We are exploring the possibility of doing something at Harmony House such as trick or treat non-profits. Maybe we could show a movie at 4pm on Saturday, 31st of October. The screen will fit on the stage.

White Christmas:

Event is ready with horse wagon, magic guy, and popcorn guy. We would like to have meatball guy, Mac & Cheese truck, and maybe a photo booth.

Loan Program:

There is money available for loans.

Community Projects:

BID could do something nice such as signs.

We would like to sell electronic sign, maybe put on Craig’s List.

Garlic Fest:

Event raised $12,000 for Miracle Field and event will take place again next year.

BID would like to have a get-together again to attract sponsors, possibly at the Knights of Columbus.

Webster BID Meeting Wednesday 8-12-15

In attendance: 9 people.

Penny Swingly-Mane reflections, Robyn Whitaker-Beyond Cuts, Matt Chatfield WCCD, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny saver, Carol Klem-Bon Vivant, Maria & David [Da Veed]-Mac & Cheese.

Party in the Park will happen on Saturday. There will be Smoke Whiskey and lots of kid’s activities, bounce house from 12 noon – 5pm with music starting at 2pm. The firehouse and museum will have stuff going on.

Wine Walk:

Will take place from 5-8pm and Webster Together will be a food stop with a total of 12 stops for wine tasting. Robyn will deliver balloons. 300 tickets are available on BID website. 154 are sold so far for the August 15th date. Some will be sold at Kittleberger’s.

Jazz Fest:

Everyone had an amazing time. The food was successful. Discussed with Barry’s about not having a band next year at the same time because the servers had a hard time getting into Barry’s for food.

Waterfront Art Fest is coming back next year. Maybe the shuttle can take people on a different route to show off more of Webster.

Friday Night Concerts:

Concerts are winding down with only two left. Fat City Rocks is sponsored by Reliant Credit Union.

Beer Fest:

Event is scheduled for September 26th. Breweries want $100-$150 per barrel. Tickets costing $20-$30 would need 10-12 breweries to participate. Summit Bank and GRV want to sponsor. Two breweries want to be paid for their beer. Suggestion by McCoy that bars should get breweries themselves. Johnathon and Christine are members of a craft beer organization. We may have to turn this into a beer walk.

Up Coming Events:

Robyn wants to form a committee of five people to come up suggestions to spend money on village signs.


Several dumb ideas were discussed about Jazz Fest such as generating income from the event by charging $5. Robyn would like to make Jazz Fest a two day event.

Trick or Treat Trail:

Will take place on Saturday, October 31st.

Matt Chatfield will send out a survey on what small businesses need to succeed without really trying.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 7-13-15

In attendance:

Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Bill Horath-Kittleberger’s, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Gordon Clarke-Gordon’s Grooming, John Cahill-Village Mayor, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Tom Spoonbaum - Spoonbaum, Spoonbaum, and Spoonbaum Attorneys at Law, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners.

Miracle Field: Check of $2,000 was presented to them from the wine walk.

Wine Walk:

Family First Credit Union is the sponsor. The last one went well. The music on the Coach’s patio attracted 500 people. For the next one on August 15th, we would like 13 to 15 stops. Businesses need to get their own wineries or buy their own wine. Get wine at Lisa’s Barn or Webster Wine & Spirits so there are different wines for the 1 oz. servings. We are checking on a rider if we need one for insurance purposes. Start 12 – 8 pm. Get deposits if they don’t stay, they don’t get deposits back. Music starts at 4:45pm

Friday Night Concerts:

Everything is ready.

ABC Project:

We need to raise $5,000. Bill Horath gave $1,000.

Beer Fest:

Craft beer is the theme. The date is September 26th. We sent out to the top 10 breweries for the event and contacts etc. Johnathon Smalter will visit breweries and find out who is interested in participating. David Green will promote event. We will have regular admission of $35 and a VIP one for $45.

New Businesses:

Mac & Cheese is opening in the former Burger King in September.

Gordon’s Grooming will be located at 159 West Main Street.

Pub 235 will open in September.

Eastern Ground 9 W. Main St.

Waterfront Art Fest: Will have a loyalty card. There will be a shuttle from Xerox to North Ponds Park. The festival will charge admission.

BID Meeting Tuesday 6-2-15

In attendance:

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Marge Pickering Picone – Professional Nutrition Services, Stephen Gallucci-Farmers Insurance, Darrell Byerts-Village Trustee, John Cahill-Village Mayor, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Spork Borkers, Karl Unrath-Kirby, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Richard Walter-Village Person, Sharon Pratt, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Gordon Clarke-Gordons Grooming, Carol Klem-Bon Vivant, Janet Turner – Genessee Valley Penny Saver, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Janet Reed-Henderson Ford, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Laurie Zahn Herman – Empire State Weeklies.

Good Neighbor Days:

Parking Art: We will advertise for outside people, and have a normal parking day on August 15th. Parking space should be user friendly. Winner’s money will go toward charity of winner’s choice. Thursday will be the day of construction and Sunday will be tear-down day. Flyers should be ready by Thursday. Robyn has fart around time between 9:00am and 9:45am. Parking Art for non-profits will be $125 and $250 for businesses. We are looking for at least 8 spots. If we have less than 8, we will only use one side of Main Street; East or West. The Wine Walk will be from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm and the music will be on the street from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.

Movies in the Park:

Everything is ready to start on July 14th.

Friday Night Concerts:

Will start on June 26th and will be from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Jazz Fest:

Have contracted with Line Sound, one covered stage sited on one side of Main Street to satisfy fire code. Bands will change in 15 minutes. We will close Main Street at 11:00 am.

Wine Walk:

They will start June 19th with day of event pick-up at Webster Interiors. The charity is the Miracle Field. The August 15th and November pick-ups will be at Kittleberger’s.

Beer Fest:

Jonathon and Christine Smalter will be in charge. Music will be at the Coach from 3-8 pm on the patio. There might be a home brew competition.

Loan Program:

No new activity.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 5-4-15

In attendance:

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Elena Bernardi-Bernardi CPA, Tom Higgens-Vino Lounge, Joan Warner-Vino Lounge, Steve Gallucci-Farmer’s Insurance, John Cahill-Village of Webster, Karla Cannauszzo-Chris & Rods, Darren Byerts-Village of Webster, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Tom McCoy-Performance Hobbies, Gorden Clarke-Village Resident, Carol Klem, Missey Rosenberry, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports Brokers, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Matt Chatfield-WCCED, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum.

Jazz Fest:

July 25th. All bands are booked. We are still accepting sponsors and need volunteers for everything.

Movies in the Park:

We need a sponsor for the August 25th movie of about $300.00.

Friday Night Concerts:

Volunteers are needed at 6:30pm to hand out programs for about between ½ and 1 hour.

Wine Walk:

Will take place on Friday, June 19th from 6-9pm with 12-15 stops and will cap at 500 people. Music has been added to the Coach patio and wristband colors will be changed. Other businesses are encouraged to stay open. Businesses on the wine tasting stops should tell the committee what wines they are serving so that there are no repeats. On the Friday of Village Days, the wine walk will be from 5-8pm. On August 3rd will be a beer walk.

Village Days:

The food vendors and music will be on Main Street. Parking spaces will cost $250 or schools $125. Spaces will be put up for Friday and Saturday, and taken down on Sunday. There will be 12-15 spaces. Let people know about event. Prizes will be awarded to the charities of the winner’s choice based on the following: 1st $1,000.00, 2nd $750.00, 3rd $500.00. We will need judges.

BID Meetings:

June 2nd at 8 am at the Knights of Columbus.

July 13th at 6 pm at Brimont Bistro.

Webster BID Meeting Monday 3-9-15

In attendance:

Robyn Whittaker-Beyond Cuts, Mike Broikou-Goodie Shoppe, Tom Spoonhower-Metro Sports Brokers, Fritz Sierk-Coach, Judy Lancy-Village Trustee, Janet Turner-Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Peter Elder-Webster Cleaners, Stergio Kotorli-Prime, Janet Reed-Henderson Ford, Bill Horath-Kittlebergers, Matt Chatfield-WCCED, Penny Swingly-Mane Reflections, Kevin Finn-Finn’s Garage, Karl Unrath-Kirby Vacuum.

Committee reports: There is not too much to report.

Village Days will return to the name, “Good Neighbor Days” on August 14th, 15th, and 16th. Park-lets will be tried for the first time and we will charge $250 per space or $125 for students. The money will go toward prizes between $1,000 and $2,000.

Jazz Fest: Will take place on Saturday, July 25th. On Friday, July 24th, Amanda Ashley will perform at the Veterans park. All bands have been signed including; HS All Star Jazz Band (students, teachers, and alumni), Prime Time Funk at 5:45pm, Walter Chapman, Hard Logic, and Mambo Kings. There is a plan B for rain, and there will be two stages.

The suggestion was made to rebrand BID programs as “Webster Village Events”.

Friday Night Concerts are all set.

Movies in the Park have two movies left to be sponsored.

Wine Walks: Check the BID website for dates. The walk on April 25th might not happen. The June 19th at $15.00 will start at Kittleberger’s. The others this year are: August 15th and November 6th.

Loan Program: Nothing is new.

BID Elections: All votes are in and the same people have been re-elected.

Garlic Fest: Any businesses who want to be involved, need to get ahold of Whitey Priotti. Event will be held in the Fireman’s Field on September 12th and 13th.

Program Books need to be printed by May 31st. This is the ONLY program book of the year.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, April 7th at the Webster Herald or Barry’s. Robyn will let us know.

The May meeting will be at Smiths Insurance on the 4th at 6pm on 4E. Main St.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 2-3-15

In attendance: Unknown.

Matt: North Ave in the spring will be resurfaced from Orchard St. to Main St. Improvements include: crosswalks, bike lanes, trees and lighting, signs, sidewalks and frontage to create a more welcoming atmosphere into the village.

Park-lets: Maybe every third Friday of each month and take a parking space and do origami or something interesting.

White Christmas: Great turnout of about 512 people for Wine Walk. We need people for crowd control, parade marshal, and parade staff to keep people off the streets during parade. We have 27 fire units coming.

Wine Walk: 5-8 pm. Maybe we will have a live band. We will discuss this in March.

We should consider raising the price to $12 and send letters to wineries.

Dates: April 25 from 5-8pm    June 19 from 6-9pm    August 15 from 5-8pm           November 6 from 6-9pm

There will be 21 stops and we should net $2,000.

BID Elections: should take place at the end of March. There are four spots open. All are willing to stay on.

A: Robyn

A: Karl

A: Alana

B: Tom McCoy

The next Board of Directors meeting is on March 9th at 5:30pm at Prime Steakhouse.

Webster BID Meeting Tuesday 12-2-14

In attendance: Unknown.

Wine Walk:

If you want to host, let Robyn know. Pre-sale tickets are sold out with 400 gone already. 100 will be sold on the day of the event. There will be 21 free food stops and event will start at 4:30pm at Kittleberger’s. Please ask for a wrist band. Others will be 6-9. Special police will be out. There will be 500 people in a 3 hour period. 2-2 ½ cases of wine should be enough. Event pages are working – Facebook – make sure you share, so it maximizes the number of likes. Jonathan is posting everything.

Maybe next year we can have food trucks at the four wine events next year.

We will give Community Chest money up front and in the future with other local charities from wine walks.

Christmas in the Village:

Streets closed at 2:00 pm from Harmony House to Fireman’s Field. The parade is at 6:30pm, the chili cook-off from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Everything is on the website.

Loan Program:

Businesses can borrow up to $1,000.00 and will have up to one year to pay it back.

Garlic Fest:

Should we have it along side Village Days? Should we have a 5k race, possibly where the Farmer’s Market used to be? We could have a shuttle from Schrader School.

OPEN you e-mail! Please read all of it!

We are looking for sponsors to get bigger sponsorships money wise; not just for Movies in the Park.

Christmas lights are up!

 Next meeting is at Barry’s on February 3, 2015.

Webster B.I.D meeting Tuesday Oct 8th  2013

Present: Walter Scott, Scott Dennis, Penny Swingly, Tom Spoonhower, Kevin Finn, Mike Briokou,  Darryl Byerts, Peachy Fritz Sierk, Carol Klem, Marg Pickering, Glenn Cooke, Tom McCoy, Sharon Pratt, Elena Bernardi, Janet Turner. Peter Elder, Joe. Sat Oct 19th is Homecoming parade for both schools will be around 12-1pm due to exams. Road will be closed for 1/2-45 mins for the parade.

Loan Program program handout was passed to members so they can clearly understand what the process is for the program. $5000 will be the amount available but loans will be limited to $1000 which can be repaid in 12 months with no interest. Loans of $500 will be paid back in 6 months. Application will be submitted by 2nd thursday of the month so committee can look at it the 3rd thursday and answers and monies will be distributed at the last thursday of the month. Applicant must provide a credit report when they are applying for the loan.  Returned check charge will be paid by applicant and any fees involved in collecting the monies. Glenn Cooke suggested putting together a payment coupon book for the applicants.

Vote was passed to have Eric move the $5000 non tax revenue monies into a special account for the program. No mention of this will be on the website.

Group Christmas Advertising program is something we can offer the BID members and 19000 copies will be put in the webster pennysaver. This will be mostly ads for the upcoming xmas seasons. Ads will be only $50 but multiple ads could be purchased. Group to move ahead with getting the ads.

Trick or treat trail is Sat Oct 26th and the letter and pumpkins for the windows are available. Special Police at the intersection from 11:30-3 just to help with crossings. No street closing with this event.

White xmas is moving forward and most of the people are in place with a few new additions. Still trying to get veterans to have a presence in the parade due to it being on Pearl Harbor day. Greg Cody to help with that. Will contact John Smith about two bounce houses and Kevin Finn will help with contacting an alpaca person. Willink School select choir is hoping to perform at Harmony House.

Sign has been moved to behind the goodie shop and just in case we need to pull it out and use it. Chatter about where the sign can go proceeded.

Revisit village days for next year. Talked about a food/ music fest  with somehow work in the community organizations Glenn Cooke noted that he will be leaving at the end of the year.Tom Spoonhower is done as president and Robyn Whittaker will take over till spring when votes will be conducted

Robyn Whittaker

Director of Philanthropic Madcap Events

Webster B.I.D meeting 9/10/13

Present: Tom Spoonhower, Tom McCoy, Fritz Sierk, Peter Elder,  Rick Walters, Anthony Golisiano, Gordon Clarke, Daryl Byerts, Sharon Pratt, Robyn Whittaker, Mike Briokou,  Chris Wasser, Laurie Zahn Herman, Dimitri

Loan program is almost finished as to how the logistics will roll out.  Decision was made to up to $1000 and no interest and paid off inside of a year. No tax revenue monies can be used for this program.  Pete and Alaina at Citizens Bank will help us orchestrate the application.  Credit reports will be gotten either from the bank or the person who applies and turn it in to the board. 

Trick or Treat Trail will be Saturday Oct 26th. Tom asked Peter which schools were sent the flyer and about how many printed.  Two weeks before and half sheet flyers can be distributed. Tom wondered if there were any changes we wanted to make and everyone said it works fine just the way it is. Wondering if we can get the professionals to actually show up and pass out candy at their places of business. 11:30 -3 time frame and the costume contest will start at 11.

White Xmas is starting to come together but we are wondering if we could get some of the military to participate since it is on Pearl Harbor day. Maybe Wilberts will donate a tree and we can put it in Fritz's patio and light it up at a timeframe. Robyn will check with the new bakery to see if they are willing to do something in the order of cookie decorating and then we can have Hegedorns at the Kirby Store. Will contact the news stations to see if someone will come out and report.  Considering a story telling at the museum. 

Webster Community Chest dinner/dance on Sept 27th looking for merchants to donate auction items. 

Chatter about a ice skating rink in the village park with artificial  rink surface. Tom wondered if we could put one on main st. If the village does end up buying the 4x4 pieces that create the rink can the BID use them for events in both winter and summer.

Folk Festival drew about 500 people for its first event. They are looking to return Aug 2nd and kick off the weekend by having that friday night concert be folk folks. 

Sign is currently unplugged because of state property mumbo jumbo and we need to move the sign.  Mike will ask Kelly if we can put it in her yard so we dont have to move it all the time. 

Robyn Whittaker

Director of Philanthropic Madcap Events

Webster BID meeting 8/6/2013

Present: Mike Briokou, Tom Spoonhower, Karl Unrath, Penny Swingly, Rick Walters, Darryl Byerts, Walter Scott, Glenn Cooke, Chris Wasser, Tom McCoy

Financials ..received tax $$$ and we are in good shape for the upcoming year.

BID loan program..Havent heard back as to whether it is within our bylaws to proceed. Tom says we would set the money aside and then come up with the guidelines for the loan program. Karl suggested Papa Joe Reggio be part of the loan default committee. Glenn suggested getting a bank to do some pro bono work and do credit checks on the applicant before the money is released.
Discussion was geared towards whether or not an application fee should be assessed and how that is paid out.  Question also was do we make the guidelines allow for short term inventory  and what other things the money can be used for. The BID also needs to set up parameters for payment due and when a late fee or interest is due if the payments are late or behind. Karl will check with Pete Benardi at Citizens Bank to see if they will help in the program.

August Events..This weekend is the Village Days music Fest friday and Saturday. Village Days is looking good for vendors for the weekend of 8/17. Food and Drink will be available on the street during the event and bounce houses on both ends. Music will be on the street acoustic type only. 

Main Street Parking changes were discussed at the Village Board Mtg.  Discussion was back and forth about time limits and whether Customer parking only signs will be effective.  Planning board needs to approve the parking lot signs to be larger.

Mike commented on how great both the Luminaria ceremony and the folk festival went the past weekend. Tom said that if the Folk Festival continues it needs to be under the BID events and be in our budget.

White xmas is already in place with some events but any new ideas are welcome. 

Webster B.I.D. Mtg July 2  2013

Present: Peter Elder, Rick Walters, Tom Spoonhower, Glenn Cooke, Karl Unrath,  Mike Briokou, John Cahill, Penny Swingly, Carol Klem, Daryll Byerts, Joe Meyers,  Sharon Pratt

Thanks to Mac for coming in early to make the scones from Barry's Irish Pub.

Jazz Fest July 20th  west main st will be closed from 2pm to midnight. Music Fest August 9-10 road on North ave to be closed from 5-11 each night. Village days Aug 17 will close west and east main st for the whole day. Vendors application for village days are out but no non for profits yet. $75 booth rental along with $75 deposit for each vendor. Application is available on the webster BID website. Program book is at printer and should be done by weeks end. The event program is online.

Folk Festival is on line for the Aug 3rd and Gordon has secured a major sponsor for the event with Vision Auto. Tom suggested that if this takes off it needs to be a bonafide BID event so they can be under the insurance and monies are channeled correctly.

Member Loan Program can move forward with certain stipulations and is in the banking committee for approval and havent heard anything yet.

One hour parking conversation was prompted by an outsider that mentioned it was constricting. Ideas for the village board can be either time sensitive time limits say 2hrs during the 9-5 time frame or remove it completely. We need to treat it as if it is enforced and determine what might work. Lots of conversation about what options could be implemented.

Possibly have someone to pass out flyers during the firemans parade in regards to white xmas parade to get them involved,

Glenn Cooke mentioned the meeting on July 26th at the Chamber breakfast that he will be doing to let people know what is going on in Webster. WCCED has also decided not to move forward with the Main St program due to several issues including the monies that are not available to help with the program. Hoping the south side can be involved as it is critical  to the success of the grant.

Darryl mentioned the Village Board is looking for any BID members to show at the board meetings and voice what is going on.

Mike and Tom discussed Barry's Crossing playing on Aug 2nd and we determined that Gordon should try to pay them out of his sponsor monies since they were not originally scheduled as a BID event and monies were not applicated for them to play.

Webster B.I.D. meeting June 4th

Present, Tom Spoonhower, Peter Elder, Glenn Cooke, Mike Briokou, Fritz Sierk, Gordon Clarke, Darryl Byerts Christina, Kevin Finn, Laurie Zahn Herman, Bill Horeth, John Cahill, Carol Klem, Danny Barry, Walter Scott, Marge Pickering, John Bacci, Rick Walters, Brandi Rauber, Christina Wasson,  Janet Turner

Summer ads program still have a few slots left but they need to be in by Thursday.

Helping Hands week has 6 local charities and donations will be during the week of june 14th-22nd. Tom added a spot on the website so just an amount can be donated instead of a certain percentage of the sales. Mention was made that a bleeb can be put in the thumbs up section of the Democrat talking about the event.

Event Schedule copies were made availbale to merchants to put in their business. Some will be left at the Village Hall for visitors.
Gordon Needs to get together the schedule for the folk festival on Aug 3rd.
Possible luminaria ceremony during the music festival on Aug 9th. Will consider whether it is too somber of an ceremony to be at Brass Taxi.
Folk festival will have 1 food vendor at the event. May have an instrument petting zoo(funny stuff) and other things. It will run 1-8pm and hopefully a pub crawl afterwards.

Loan program can move forward per village attorney but the money from the tax revenue cannot be used. The only money that can be used is the revenue income from program ads, booth rentals etc. Glenn could check with  the New York Banking authority to see if this can roll out.

Glenn said the workshop for the parking grant will be Tuesdays June 5th at 7pm in community rooms. Mayor would like to go forward with the Main St program grant but Glenn will have to make changes and take out North Ave and South Ave.


Webster BID 5/7/2013

Present: Karl Unrath, Penny Swingly, Jonathan Smalter, Bill Horeth, Rick Walters, Peter Elder, Mike Broikou, John Cahill, Daryl Epberts, Gordon Clarke, Walter Scott, Robyn Whittaker, Fritz Sierk, John Bucci, Laurie Zahn-Herman, Tom Spoonhower, Glenn Cooke, Marge Pickering Picone, Dimitri Stefanou

Tom Spoonhower was late due to the fact that he is on Pluto time. These are not the droids you're looking for..

Ads are not making it..we need to hit up more people because it is currently 1000 under projection. Cut off date is may 24th. Need volunteers to help get more ads sold.

Board of Elections need to be done. Volunteers needed for positions. Robyn Whittaker agreed to be secretary while Karl will continue as Vice President of the BID.

Helping Hands week..june 14th-22nd. Business will pledge to give a percentage of business to the charities that week.  Charities are Relay for Life, Hope House, Monarch House, Webster Museum, Webster Comfort Care, Webster assoc of Senior Program Support. Tom asked that merchants use their electronic avenues like Facebook etc to promote the Helping Hands week so it will drive sales. The amount each business gives is personal to them and will not be published. Tom will email the link to business so they can sign up to the certain charity. Business will write a check to the charity after the week is over. Tom will go around to business who dont use email.

Robyn Whittaker explained what Relay for life is all about and Tom will send out the link for business to donate to the Village Idiots Team.

Tom reviewed the schedule of events and talked aout Jason Poole from The Public Library will do storytelling ahead of movies. Concerts are all set starting with Keys to the Caddy. Robyn will email Tony about promoting the helping hands week when he plays on June 14th. Shakepeare festival cancelled for the season so Gordon Clarke suggested putting together a folk festival on Aug 3rd. Tom reminded everyone that we have split Village Days to be a music fest Aug9-10 and then Aug 17th will be street festival with booths, some food and music. There will be food on Main Street from some of the local establishments and bounce house on both ends of the street. Booth rental was changed this year so that people would make sure they show up and not lose money. One check for $75 for the booth rental and then another $75 that would not be cashed and handed back to them at the end of the event. Conversation ensued about the placement of types of goods or services. A few of the not for profits are allowed at no fee but $75 fee is the norm for not for profits.

Barnes and Noble will be at The Lorax movie night and will have their summer reading program perks there and will do storytelling. John Bucci will have students from summer lessons play before the movies also. Summer programs will end on 8/23.

Volunteers are always needed for all the events so Tom will send out the volunteer email for people to sign up for helping.

Status of loan program was that there is a question of whether or not we can loan money to business so a letter was sent to the Mayor asking for the Council to determine if it can move forward. The State delegates the power so we just need to make sure. Wednesdsy June 5th there will be a meeting about the grant transportation consultants and the meeting will be about whether the Village walkabilty and bikeability is good for residents.


Bid Meeting 1/8/13
Present: Tom Spoonhower, Mike Briokou, Penny Swingly, Tom McCoy, Walter Scott, Kevin Finn, Glenn Cooke, Rick Walters, Dave Gaelazzo, Christine Reynolds, Peter Elder, Janet Turner, Carol Klem, Jessica Barry, Kelly Giudice, Elena Bernardi, Joseph Meyers, John Bucci, Dimitri Stefanou

Tom went over the financials and reviewed profit and loss which is now broken down into events. Income from summer events grouped into one but includes jazz fest and movies in the park.

Glenn Cooke spoke of how we were unsuccessful for the main st Grant program. Only the Southwedge in Rochester received the grant. Glenn thinks we can do a revisit and try again so we can revitalize the village. Peter questioned who was on the council that rejected. RIT, Danny Wegman all the big hitters that only want major projects is what Glenn speculates.
We will go over what the points are so we can try again and hopefully come up with a plan. John Bucci commented on how long the process can be and we should stick with it.

Peter and Karl will agree to be on the election committee and the mailer can be sent out so the election could be in March. List will have to be updated and Peter has that. Tom explained the process of who comes up for reelection of the board and told everyone the specifics. 

Member Loan program is getting set up so that we can make small loans available to bid members. Many of them are interest free and need to be paid off in twelve payments. We possible will make an application fee of 50 and that would be approx 5% of the $1000 loan max. Its possible that we can allocate more funds as the program grows. Glenn volunteered to work with Elena and get the committee going and get going on the program. Money wont be available until August as our funds do not come in till then. Glenn mentioned he met with Senator Nozzilio and he seemed receptive to the idea in legislation.

Tom reviewed the proposed budget for next years events. The totals he came up with dont always really show what might come in as movies are sponsored. WCCED is also something that we contribute into for economic expansion into our community. Glenn Cooke has that position and works effectively to bring in new business. We do $2000 for that contribution. Tom went over what money goes where in the events column. Tom has a formula of figuring a $1 a person that the event draws and determining if it is successful by what we spent on it. Tom looks at whatever sponsors and dollar amount can be brought in then the event can go in any direction the sponsors want as long as its paid for. Approx 50,000 peeps live in the town of Webster and about 10% that actually come into the village.
Tom reveiwed the calendar for 2013 and the tentative dates for movies, concerts, and jazz fest. Weekend open for a possible village days. Fantastics are booked in the park from 7/28-8/4. Sidewalk sales can be scheduled along with music festivals.
Discussion about next years whote xmas and what to do to get hte event to be more scheduled out. Tom also showed a program and wants to do a booklet that has the entire schedule of events and sponsors that someone can keep all year to refer back to. full color book. It can be handed out at the event s and put into the hotels and community places. The ads would run 100 a piece and if we do it it needs to be done by april. He suggested we get 6 people to hit up other merchants to collect ads and money.

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